Pain & Sensation Play

Pain & Sensation Play

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  • Fetish Fantasy Gold Wartenberg Wheel

    Fetish Fantasy Gold Wartenberg Wheel

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  • Rouge Black Leather Vampire Gloves

    Soft leather vampire gloves from Rouge Leather, these beautifully made black leather gloves are comfortable to wear whilst having a very scary secret, along the length of each of the fingers are the metal vampire teeth designed to create amazing sensations for you victim from a gentle light scratch to a painful prick these vampire gloves are incredibly versatile in use. Glove Sizes: - Small – 6.5 inch - Medium – 7.5 inch - Large – 8.5 inch - X-Large – 9.5 inch Learn More

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  • Rouge Stainless Steel Cats Claw

    Slip this stainless steel cats claw over you finger and let you imagination run riot, torture and tease your partner with you claws, creating sensations absolutely anywhere on your partners body, from the soft drag of the claws across the skin to more intense sensations, this most intimate of sensation play devices will bring a whole new element to your play. Learn More

  • Spike Smoke Black 3 Wheel All Metal Pinwheel from Doc Johnson Kink

    Spike from Kink by Doc Johnson is a 3 wheel all metal pinwheel finished in a beautiful smoke black chrome, with 3 individual pinwheel rollers this Wartenberg pinwheel is perfect for medical and fetish play or general sensation play, supplied in a kink box Learn More

  • Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Steel Wartenberg Wheel

    Tickle, tease and please your lover with this medical-grade Deluxe Wartenberg Wheel. Named after the famous neurologist, Dr. Robert Wartenberg, this stainless steel pinwheel delivers a tingly sensation as the prickly pins roll across the skin. Combined with a blindfold and restraints, the heightened sensory experience will leave you breathless. Learn More

  • Stainless Steel Pinwheel

    A single stainless steel pinwheel or wartenberg wheel, a solid stainless steel handle and a single pinwheel, built to last, but more importantly built to deliver those tingly pinwheel sensations, pleasure or pain is down entirely to the pressure you apply. Learn More

  • Fetish Fantasy Stainless Steel Wartenberg Wheel

    A Stainless Steel Wartenberg Wheel from the Fetish Fantasy Series, this medical grade pinwheel makes a tingly sensation as it rolls across the skin, combine it with a blindfold or restraints for an awesome sensory experience. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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