What is Datex?

If your a fan of Latex / Rubber clothing and fetish wear then you may have heard of Datex but probably don't known what it is. well let me try and explain...

What is Datex? Why is it better than Latex / Rubber Fetish Wear Clothing

Datex is 100% Natural Latex / Rubber bonded to an elasticated knitted fabric backing material, this gives the Latex some amazing qualities in terms of it's strength and ability to stretch and return to shape, but it also makes Datex clothing a whole lot easier to wear than Latex / Rubber clothing because you don't need dressing agents, lubes or powder to get your favourite Datex dress or catsuit on or off, the elasticated backing material slides over the skin allowing your to just slip into your garment, in a very similar way to PVC clothes.

Datex 100% Natural Latex with Elasticated Knitted Fabric Backing

What are the advantages of Datex, why not just stick with Latex / Rubber?

Datex has some significant advantages over traditional Latex, especially when used in clothing, Fetishwear and Lingerie made from Latex gets a hard life, and is easily torn or damaged, Datex solves a lot of these issues.

Datex is Stronger that Latex / Rubber Clothing.

Because of the elasticated knitted fabric backing moulded to Datex it is incredibly strong, at a recent show in Birmingham we challenged people to try and tear a sheet of normal garment grade Datex, something which is not difficult todo with latex, there was a whole lot of huffing and puffing, but not any tearing, and the biggest shock on peoples faces is when the Datex just sprung back into shape with almost no distortion.

Datex can be sewn in the same way as any other material.

Yes. with Datex we can actually sew the seams of the garment in much the same way as any other material like leather or pvc for example, which means that garments made from datex can be more intricate, it also means that the seams in a Datex garment are stronger and less liable to tearing or failing than with traditional Latex glued seams.

Datex is easier to Wear.

Yes again.... No more lubes or powders to get your favourite Datex Dress or Datex Catsuit on or off the elasticated backing material bonded into Datex means it's as easy to wear as your favourite pair of jeans, just a whole lot more fun.

Datex can be machine washed (So long as you are careful).

And once again Yes.... When your finished, and you get home from a long day in the dungeon, it's time to kick off your ballet heels and relax, just pop your favourite Datex dress in the washing machine at 30 degrees C (a cool wash) and it will be fine, one word of warning though, although you can wash datex in a cool wash, you still cannot tumble dry it or iron it (see our guide to drying below), our personal preference for washing Datex garments is to hand wash in cool water rather than machine washing...... but if you do decide to machine wash and your washing machine has a built in dryer, please please please turn this off (as the resulting sticky mess is really really really not good).

Drying your Datex

After washing your going to want to dry your Datex garment, this is where you need to be careful, do not dry over a heat source, remember Datex is coated in natural latex, and will melt if placed on or over a heat source, it is best to first dry your garment with the latex on the outside, the garment can then be lightly powdered or shined before turning inside out to dry the lining, this way you minimise the risk of the latex element of the garment sticking to itself.

What are the advantages of Datex over Latex or Rubber, well datex can be machine washed for a start!!!!

OK, That sounds great so what are the disadvantages of Datex?

The main downside to Datex for the Latex Fetishist or the Fetish Wear pureist is the feel of Datex, of course the feel of Latex / Rubber on the Skin is very much a part of wearing it, as is the process of lubricating the body in order to slide into that super tight Latex catsuit, and this is lost with Datex because of the unique elastic backing material bonded to the Latex outer, giving Datex clothing a feel not dissimilar to PVC clothing only a lot more flexible, of course if your want the look of Latex without all the hassle then Datex is for you.

What about Latex Allergies, does Datex cure Latex Allergy?

No, Although Datex has an elasticated backing that sits between your skin and the Latex outer, Datex is still made using 100% Natural Latex so allergic reactions can / will still occur where the Latex outer comes into contact with the skin, mainly on the seams etc where the Datex is folded over and sewn, at the end of the day, if you do suffer from a Latex allergy unfortunately Datex isn't going to help you.

Is Datex more expensive than Latex / Rubber Clothing?

Well, Errrrmmmm, Kinda, Yes, Sometimes..... OK this one is really really tricky to answer, Datex itself as a material is more expensive than Latex because of the additional processes that it has to go through, however it's easier to manufacture the finished garments, but then you can also do more with it, making the garments more complicated etc etc etc.

Datex a Revolution is Latex / Rubber Clothing right here at Latex, Leather and Lace

The Real answer to the question of is it more expensive is probably yes a little bit, but then you are also getting a lot more for your money, but take a look for yourself, you can check out our range of Datex and Latex Fetishwear, Lingerie and Clothing here, also plenty of Latex in there too for those who can't be persuaded.