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Since 2013 Husband and Wife team Patrick & Anna have been running Oscuro Adult Boutique together, Initially started out as an online only store, the business has gone through rapid expansion since opening in 2013 and are now located in an industrial unit in Barwell, Leicestershire where we have our Showroom, Offices and Warehouse all in one place. We are also one of the few online stores in the UK that offer unique ranges sourced from around the world and stocked in our own warehouse. We feel our showroom and our website is a genuine reflection of ourselves and our ethos and mantra which is to stock only the highest quality products and to bring the very best of kink to our customers for their ultimate pleasure.

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We have also now been joined by our first full time member of staff Sarah who oddly enough actually had career aspirations to work in this type of business most of her life.

A Brief History

Our little business was born from humble beginnings back in November 2013 initially retailing a few basic fetish-wear and lingerie lines imported from the far east via eBay, but it was not long before we were on the hunt for bigger and better suppliers and better and better products.

And it also wasn't long before our little enterprise outgrew our home and we were forced to look for premises initially moving into a shared office building on Druid Street in Hinckley, and then later to a much larger office and warehouse in Barwell. But again we outgrew this within a year and are now settled in a spacious 2000 sq/ft unit on the Dawsons Lane industrial estate in Barwell approximately 3 miles from Hinckley in Leicestershire.

Over the last few year we have also been regular exhibitors at many expo's and shows including The Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, Sexpo UK at Olympia, Sexhibition in Manchester, KFS Leeds, SWAMP Bristol, Mach2 and many many more, we absolutely love getting out there and meeting people in the kink community, but sadly logistics and staffing often keep us away from events like this and we have to pick the shows we attend carefully in order to not impact the running of out showroom and our online business.

We have also expanded internationally and export a lot of items from our little base in Leicestershire to customers all over the world, pre-dominantly with the assistance of our shipping partner DHL, who never cease to amaze us with their efficiency in getting our kinky little parcels around the globe in record time.

2019 has brought a new chapter to our Journey with our rebranding from 'Latex, Leather and Lace' to 'Oscuro Adult Boutique' (which is essence means 'The Dark Boutique') which is much more in keeping with the direction the company is moving in.

Key Brands & Ranges

Although we stock items from many many manufacturers around the world we do have a focus on a few key brands that we know and love and have worked with almost since our inception, and some that we have started to collaborate with much more recently:

  • Noir Handmade - European Made, High Quality Fetish Fashion;
  • Allure Lingerie - From the USA comes Allure Wet Look, PVC and Leather Fetish Wear;
  • Fever Lingerie - Great Value, Fun and Funky Fever Lingerie, Wigs and Cosplay Costumes;
  • Leg Avenue - 2nd to none, we stock an wide range of items from this superb hosiery range;
  • Pleaser Shoes - Over 4 thousand styles of shoes and boots from Pleaser USA;
  • Oscuro - Our own brand fo fetish / club wear and bondage gear;
  • Scarlet In Chains - Made in the UK, high quality stainless steel alternative jewellery;
  • E-Stim Systems - Made in the UK, specialist electro stimulation equipment;
  • Scandal - A fantastic budget bondage collection thats tactile and easy to use;
  • Blush Novelties - High quality body safe sex toys are a speciality of Blush and their various brands;
  • Sola Toys - One of the best body safe silicone sex toy ranges on the planet;
  • Nu-Sensuelle - A great range of body safe silicone sex toys at fantastic prices;
  • Secret Play - Natural, Vegan, Body and Planet Friendly Lubes.

Our Ethos & Mantra

We are not a box shifter willing to sell any old toys and cheap clothes to the unsuspecting buyer, we believe in delivering great value, great quality and great service wherever and whenever we can, you our customers come first every time.

Body Safe Sex Toys & Additive Free Lubes

Now here's the thing, the adult / sex retail industry is pretty much self regulated which has led to a pretty sorry state of affairs where adult toys and lubes etc that are sold by many mainstream retailers are really not ideal, made from substandard materials like jelly rubber & tpe and lubes that are full of glucose and parabens both of which your really shouldn't be putting in your body, we have made it our mission to stock only Body Safe toys and to keep a range of 100% body friendly lubes in our stock range to give our customers the best products available and yes some of them are a couple of quid more expensive, but if the cost of your safety and well being is a few extra pounds then we think it's worth it.

A Gender Neutral Environment

We also try and bring a gender neutral environment where everyone feels comfortable and recognised, we are firm supporters of the LGBTQ+ community and everyone regardless of their identified gender is 100% welcome to visit us and will be treated with the respect they deserve by all our staff at all times.

We are even slowly over time removing as many references to gender from our website as possible to give a much more fluid experience where everyone feels free to explore and experiment in any way they feel fit, now this is not as easy as it sounds and it is an on going project.

Supporting the Community via Blogger Outreach

We have made many great friends in this community over the years, and continue to work with many of them who help us daily with testing and reviewing products, helping to inform us of whats going on in the world, and generally chewing the fat with us on all manor of subjects.

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the best adult bloggers around, and regularly supply new products to them to test out, play with, review and feed back to us as-well as their readers, which gives us a great source of information as to what to stock, what not to stock, whats good, whats bad and of course why....

It is these bloggers, reviewers and writers that inspire us on many occasions to do what we do and even on occasion to keep doing it, so lets give a few of our favourites a little shout out whilst we are here.

  • Our Own Team: We have the amazing @divafoof, @ZebraRoseSub, @lace_louise, @JustJessReviews and @Jasonsftse100 who all often contribute to our own blog with product reviews, articles, giveaways and competitions and more, and without our crack team we couldn't do what we do, neither could we wade through the mountains of fantastic products we see.

  • And Externally:
    • - Candy Snatch Reviews: Candy is a sex blogger, toy reviewer and writer, who is plus size and proud, Candy writes on her own blog as well as on YNot Cam, Candy is also incredibly active on Twitter and Facebook.
    • - Sex Machine Reviews: Joanne aka Sex Machine Reviews is a legend with a penchant for fucking machines and a keen eye for anything kinky, her reviews are exceptionally detailed and her knowledge almost unsurpassed and she is also a regular contributor of reviews to our own blog site. You can find Joanne on both Twitter and Facebook.
    • - Scandarella: Self proclaimed sex blogger and smut slinger, Scandarella is our go to girl when it comes to the bigger toys in our collections, you can catch her on Twitter, where I am sure she will tell you about her recent and well deserved award nomination.
    • - Justin Decerous: Describing himself as "A non monogamous, #polyamorous #geek who reviews sextoys & talks about #BDSM a lot" Justin has a vast array of kink knowledge and a great way of putting his point across, especially in his addictively good video reviews, follow him on Twitter for all his latest news and views.

Even though we love these bloggers we always respect their views and if they tell us something is rubbish we tell them publish it, and generally remove the offending product from stock or seek a better replacement item, we are not involved in this community just to get positive press and we also consult many of them on issues that we feel we don't have the experience of knowledge to handle ourselves, or even just to find out if something is good enough to go into our stores when we have not had the opportunity to test it outselves. For us reaching out into this amazing community makes us all better and stronger and more able to help both our customers and the wider community together.

The Future

We have big plans for the future in our little corner of the United Kinkdom, there are brands and ranges that we can't wait to get our hands on, there are plans for more and more items to be made in house, and in collaboration with other local manufacturers, but more than anything we just want to keep serving you, our customers and bringing your the best of the best in kink from where-ever we find it.