Sliquid Natural Intimate Lubricants

Sliquid Natural Personal Lubricants

Sliquid Natural Vegan-Friendly Intimate Personal lubricants, from Sliquid Naturals and Organics lubes to Sliquid Balance Spa products, this is simply one of the best, and most body friendly personal lubricant ranges anywhere, and their Vegan-Friendly too. The best selling Sliquid H2O is a simple as it is body friendly, with only four ingredients this lube is about as good as it gets, pH Balances, body-friendly with no parabens, sugars or glycerine, and it's the base of the range, that is blended to form many of the other lubes in the range.

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Sliquid Natural Vegan-Friendly Intimate Personal Lubricants

Sliquid have three key ranges of personal lubricants Naturals, Organics and Balance.

Sliquid Naturals

Naturals is Sliquid's original range of personal intimate lubricants and with 15 different personal lubricants in this range alone it is one of the most popular ranges of lubes we stock, and also probably one of the best lubes on the market full stop, we have always said lubes should be minimalistic, and with only four ingredients going into H2O (which is the base lube for almost every other lube in this collection), this range of lubes are 100% vegan friendly, paraben and glycerine free. and Ph balanced to be totally in tune with your body.

Sliquid Organics

Taking their inspiration from the Naturals collection, the Sliquid Organics range goes a step further, infusing that magical H2O formula with organic aloe vera, and other botanical extracts, each extract being hand selected and blended like hibiscus, green tea and flax.

Sliquid Balance

Balance is Sliquid's professional line of Spa products and the latest additions to the range, sadly the Balance range is not currently stocked although watch this space as we are sure to be adding it soon.