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E-Stim Systems Electrosex Toys & Equipment

If your looking for the very best in electrosex toys and equipment then look no further and e-Stim Systems from the New Electo Helix and Electro Pebble controllers to their amazing range of Aircraft Grade Aluminium Electrodes your in Safe Hands with E=Stim Systems. Many of e-Stims electrodes and all their controller boxes are made in the UK, and covered by E-Stims legendary lifetime warranty.

If your new to electrosex or want to take a detailed look at the options before you buy then we keep a wide range of e-Stim power control boxes and electrodes as well as the various adaptor cables in our Hinckley, Leicestershire store, we also have an Elecropebble dual channel demonstration unit available and out knowledgeable staff will happily give you a live demonstration of what these awesome units can do.

The E-Stim Systems Electro Helix Single Channel Electrosex Controller

The ElectroHelix is the latest generation of single channel electrosex controllers to come from e-Stim Systems, replacing the original Series 1 controller, The ElectroHelix or Helix for short is an easy to use and simple to control single channel controller with 5 program modes, smooth controls, and even more power than the original series 1.

This power and feature packed controller also has a 'sport' mode which makes everything sharper and more intense, as well as a fire button which gives an instant jolt just when you want it.

The E-Stim Systems Electro Pebble Dual Channel Electrosex Controller

The culmination of years of research, experimentation and knowledge has brought us the awesome ELectroPebble Electroplay power controller. The result is a powerful dual channel electrosex control unit with 9 fully adjustable program modes, a built in microphone, soft touch stepless controls and an LED 'lifelife' display that tells you exactly what you ElectroPebble is thinking at all times.

The ElectroPebble from E-Stim systems like it's little brother the Helix is available to purchase in three kit forms all of which come with a slightly different range of accessories to suit different tastes.

Top of the Class The E-Stim Systems 2BElectrosex Power Box

The top of the class of all of e-Stim's control boxes is the e-Stim Systems 2B this digital e-Stim controller is one of the most advanced electrosex controllers on the market and offers high levels of power as well as incredible control and flexibility in use.

The 2B is controllable using the optional USB/PC digital link and Commander software which allows control of your 2B from any PC, Mac or even over the internet, in addition the 2B is the only controller in the e-Stim range that is capable of Tri-Phase Operation.

The 2B is available either as a standalone controller or as part of the Bonus pack which includes the 2B Accessory Pack (Mains Adapter for a 30% power boost, and digital link cables and software, plus 2 sets of 4mm cables).

Something A Little Different

If your looking for a little different in you electroplay then e-Stim Systems have got your back in the shape of the E-Stim Remote wireless remote controlled electro play power box that also has a built in motion sensor which can also be used to control the boxes function, and the A-Box which is a dedicated audio driven power controller which can either run from it's own built in microphone or any audio source including mobile phones and mp3 players which can be connected via a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The above electroplay power control boxes all come with e-Stims lifetime warranty and are all uniquely made in the UK, e-Stim pride themselves on the quality of their products and we pride ourselves on our service so buying your e-Stim from our stores either online or in person at our Leicestershire showroom is a natural choice.

The E-Stim Learning Zone

If you want to learn more about e-Stim Systems range of control units then there is a raft of information below, and even some external reviews from the very awesome Just Indecerous that are well worth a watch.

Mick Clarke - E-Stim Systems Product Guide.

E-Stim's 3 most popular power boxes.

Mick Clarke from e-Stim Systems takes you through the 3 most popular power boxes in their range, the Single Channel ElectroHelix, The Dual Channel ElectroPebble, and of course the 2B, taking you through the basic controls of each unit in super quick time.

Although this is a very brief overview it's great to get the information from the Horse's mouth. And Mick is about as close to the horse's mouth as many of us will ever get, but more than that he is also seriously into his electroplay so if you ever do get the chance to talk electro stimulation with him in person you really really should take it.

Review | Estim Systems Electro Helix by Justin Indecerous

Just Indecerous Reviews the E-Stim ElectroHelix

The ElectroHelix took the place of the Series 1 power box in the E-Stim range and Justin was one of the first to get his hands on the all new Helix when it hit the streets, and even claims credit for bitching at e-Stim Systems until the included the fire button which is one of Justin's favourite parts of the box.

So is the Electro Helix a worthy replacement for the now defunct Series 1, or will Justin allow sentimentality get in the way and go back to his series 1?

By the way just a word of warning if you have not watched Justin's video's before he his hugely knowledgeable but he does tend to say 'fuck' a lot. And he is more than just a little anal when it comes to the details, but then thats why we love him.

Review | Estim Systems Electro Pebble by Justin Indecerous

Just Indecerous Reviews the 'NEW' Electropebble

This particular review dates back to the release of the Electropebble and Just Indecerous was keen to get his hands on the new box from e-Stim Systems that was going to fill the gap between what was then the Series 1 Power Box and the 2B Power Controller, as always Justin walks you through his review with style and gusto.

And whilst the new Electro Pebble has some awesome feature's Justin just can't get past the lack of a manual mode and a fire button, each of E-Stim's boxes has different characteristics and this is what makes their range so fantastic.

That said, Justin's closing comments really do sum up just how good the ElectroPebble really is, and we all know it's not the 2B but for those that are new to Electro Sex or looking to expand their fun the Pebble really is a great option.

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e-Stim have been designing and manufacturing electronic devices including power controllers, electrodes and adapters in the UK since 2004, and manufacture 95% of their products in their very own UK factory, dedicated to creating the ultimate in e-Stim technology their dedicated team are second to none, delivering premium quality devices at great prices and most of all many of their items come with a lifetime warranty too.